SBI Any Device Bolt-On Apps

SBI Any Device Bolt- On Apps

Triumph: Enter and Manage Any Order Type All in One Screen

Triumph allows users to view and prorate single or multiple orders in one screen.

Use the same screen to manage Quotes, Master Orders, Open Orders and Order Management.

Make life simple, learn fewer screens and do more for your customers.


User Driven Templates for All Triumph Screens

Template options are available in all screens and can be configured at the user and company level. Users configure screens to best match their work processes.

Each user has multiple screen templates they can save for different functions they want to perform in Order Search, Order Entry, Master Pick and Trucking.

SBI Triumph is much more adaptable and easy to use.




Triumph Has Great Import and Export Features

The new Triumph interface is more nimble and adaptable for system users.

Users can now import one order or many orders with batch importing.

Users can also export any grid they see in the application.


Partnership Profits from Simplicity

Greenhouse Grower Magazine recently published an article about Color Point and SBI Software working together to improve their operation through better software.

The article highlights the partnership’s commitment to effective communication and keeping things simple.

Color Point and SBI both believe that clarity and refusing to make assumptions are key to improving software for users.

Click here to read the published article!

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Scan Rack Label Barcodes for Automated Label Printing

This existing functionality is one of the most efficient automated label printing configurations available in SBI.

Users can scan rack label barcodes and automatically print all the labels for that rack!

This is the easiest and most simplified way to print labels from SBI.

Call us today to get started!


Merge Orders Functionality

This existing functionality allows users to condense multiple orders for one ship to location into one order.

No need to continually edit one customers multiple orders, just merge them together for seamless order completion and shipment.

• Multiple orders from ONE store are merged for same ship date

• One order from rep in store

• One PO sent from store

• One reverse PO

Merge all orders for optimized re-racking before shipping for ONE order per store.

Merge Orders

Merge Orders yes no

Want to merge orders today? Click ‘Yes’ and contact SBI today!

Timbuk Farms: Exceeding in Production Efficiency

Recently Jim Gibson, the owner of Timbuk Farms in Granville Ohio, was featured on the cover of Greenhouse Management magazine.

Timbuk Farms has been recognized as a leader in liner production increasing material handling efficiency by 20-30 percent.

Click Here to read the article.


Come See How Good Software Can Be

Say “I do” to handheld technology

Recently “Garden Center” magazine featured an article on one of SBI’s long-term customer’s, Troy’s Landscaping, detailing innovative and efficient technologies using wireless sales and inventory with handhelds.

Take a look!

Say “I do” to handheld technology